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Camp Outreach Indiana  
Please join us for our 2016 Camp Outreach experience at Camp Camby this year!

In Camp Camby, our residence for both men and women is building F (Family Dorm). The womens room is the door on the left, and the mens dorm is the door on the right. Please remember that in order to retain privacy in the dorm rooms, boys are not allowed in the girls dorm, and girls are not allowed in the boys dorm.

Our group has exclusive use of the Junior Conference Center. This is where we will hold all Bible Studies, as well as orientation and Sabbath services. We also will be using the Activities center (location A) in the evening for various activities including basketball and table tennis. Meals are served in the Dining Facility (building D), in room D.

We are looking forward to working with the Lords Pantry to better serve the Stringtown community, and we would love your support.

Please contact Jennifer Swenson for more information about this congregation, and the Camp Outreach Indiana experience.

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